Together is better

How do we choose our homes?

The best memories are made when families go on vacation together. But planning that vacation can be stressful! VillaKey makes it easy to find your dream vacation home.

We look for homes that:

  • Are safe for children and families
  • Are clean, comfortable and nicely decorated
  • May be equipped with stuff families need, i.e. high chairs, cribs and toys
  • Are in a perfect location for families to find plenty of fun things to do

You'll have that special place to bond as a family, with plenty of room to spread out and relax on your own. Check the property description for details to figure out what will work best for your family!

Autism Friendly Homes

As a family and as a company we are passionate about helping families who have children with autism or other developmental disorders make memories by going on vacation together. We contribute $10 from each and every booking on on our platform to the VillaKey Cares™ fund to help support travel expenses for families who struggle with autism and may not have the resources to afford a vacation on their own.

Each year, we and our committed property managers set aside several long weekends in a VillaKey vacation home. Each long weekend is donated to a deserving family who has a child with autism or another developmental disorder. We partner with select nonprofits to help families make vacation memories together. If you’re interested in referring a potential family, please contact us directly at 1-407-569-2280.

Our Story

VillaKey is a family-run business. Vacation homes have been a big part of our lives starting in 1985, when we bought our first vacation rental property on the Jersey Shore. Ever since then, we have always chosen to spend our vacations in homes over hotels. We love hanging out in a shared living space...then retreating to the privacy of our own rooms. And you can’t beat the savings, when compared to hotel stays.

22 years ago, we moved from New Jersey to Miami. Max thought he was in heaven living much closer to Disney World! In 2013, we decided to launch our own vacation rental business, with homes in Orlando and Miami. It made perfect sense for us to focus on families. No one understands the needs of families traveling together as well as we do!

During these hectic times, vacations are often the only chance we have to take a breath and spend family time together. We are so happy when we see the positive reviews, telling us how one of our homes has helped a family make vacation memories. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ray, Max and Alice

Your VillaKey Family

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