How We Give

How We Give

VillaKey Cares™

With every booking, VillaKey helps a family living with autism go on vacation.

How does it work?

We provide vacation rentals for all types of families. Every time we receive a booking, we allocate a percentage to a fund which helps support travel expenses for a deserving family impacted by autism with limited resources. We also make trip planning easier for all autism families by providing a curated selection of autism friendly vacation homes in the best destinations, along with helpful educational tools, services and amenities.



All bookings of VillaKey vacation rentals drive giving through VillaKey Cares™.

Every time a VillaKey vacation rental is booked, a deserving family living with autism is helped.



VillaKey works only with professionally managed vacation rental homes.

Every property manager is a Certified Autism Travel Professional (CATP), and is required to donate at least one stay every year to help a deserving family living with autism go on vacation.



VillaKey Cares™ helps deserving families make vacation memories in our vacation rental properties.

Our property managers will often match our contribution and help us make this possible. Every family is different, and each family’s experience will vary.

One Family's Story

My name is Lissette and I was blessed with two amazing children of whom I could not be more proud. My older son, Jason is on the autism spectrum. Simple things like changing his shoes or entering a new place can cause Jason extreme frustration. Changes in routine can make him feel overwhelmed, and he has sensory challenges with bright lights, scratchy fabrics and more. Because of these issues, it’s difficult for our family to go on vacation.

Thanks to UM-NSU-CARD, I was nominated for the VillaKey Cares™ program, which allows families like ours the opportunity to enjoy everyday experiences and vacations just like anyone else. Our children will get the chance to smile, laugh and play in the way all brothers and sisters do on a family vacation. Thank you, VillaKey for making a difference in the lives of these spectacular kids!